Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn

Managing Director, UK and Europe

Brian Quinn is the Managing Director of Systech Solicitors, having previously been CEO of a public company specialising in legal services in the construction sector. Prior to that, Brian spent ten years as Commercial Director in contracting organisations, before being called to the Bar in 1991 and subsequently being admitted as a solicitor in 2002. Brian was appointed as a Deputy District Judge in 2013.

Brian has acted for all participants in the construction sector, on client side to contractor and within the supply chain. His previous role as an advocate in complex arbitrations has given Brian a valuable insight into disputes, their resolution, management and avoidance. This experience, when applied to non-contentious issues, provides a unique base to produce practical, efficient documentation, delivering the project risk objectives with clarity and certainty.

Brian's commercial, legal and technical skills and experience have allowed him to assist numerous clients in resolving their differences by mediation, on disputes ranging from a few thousand pounds to those involving international parties and hundreds of millions of dollars.

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